NDT QA & QC Training

FUTURE NDT Training Procedure

 On Class Training

  1. FUTURE NDT will provide Quality Education will equip library, Laboratory & Industrial Visits.
  2. FUTURE NDT will deliver classes on a projector.
  3. Classes will deliver with the help of animated presentations, Videos, live industrial examples.
  4. 2 Days Industrial visits will be there for RT Testing.
  5. Career guidance will be given to candidates.
  6. Technical, Soft skills & organization behavior training also will be given.

On-Site Training 

  • FUTURE NDT students will be trained in different companies to gain practical knowledge.
  • Candidate will submit complete internship report with report writing’s as per ASNT standards.
  • Candidate will be ready for placement after successful completion of NDT TRAINING, INDUSTRIAL VISIT, PROJECT & INTERNSHIP (ON-SITE TRAINING).

Equipment’s & Specimens for conducting Labs

S.No Type of Method Machines Used Specimens Used Type of Specimen


Liquid Penetrate Testing.

Orion, Magnaflux Spray Cans Removal, Penetrant, Developer.

1.      Welded Plate Butt Joint.

2.      Welded Plate T- Joint 250*200*8mm.

3.      Welded Pipe Butt Joint.



Magnetic Particle Testing

Electro Magnetic Yoke Type Machine with AC/DC Currents.

1.      Welded Plate Butt Joint- 250*200*8mm.

2.      Welded Pipe Butt Joint.

3.      ASTM Block &Pie Gauge for Calibration.


3. Radiography Testing Film Intensifier 1.      Films with different Weld Defects. RTFI Films


Ultrasonic Testing

Modosonic Einstein II TFT (colour)

1.      UT Plate Lamination- 200*200mm.

2.      UT Plate – Butt Weld- Single V-300mm * 300mm- 20mm Thick.

3.      UT Pipe-– Butt Weld- Single V-5”* 14mm Thick-280mm.

4.      V1, V2 & SDH Blocks for Calibration


5. All Methods Industry Industrial Visit (2 Days)