A certification course
e exclusively designed for acquiring proficiency to conduct Ultrasonic testing (UT) of critical T-K-Y weld joints during fabrication of structures and piping. The course is meant for in-depth learning of special techniques suitable for directly applying to actual T-K-Y weld joints on field. NDT Level III Trainers with vast experience in inspection of specialized weld inspection applications will teach the subject. The program consists of PowerPoint presentations,in-depth study about interpretation of applicable codes related to these types of joints, practical sessions and technical discussions to quickly bring the students for easy understanding the subject.

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Roles & Responsibilities of T, K, Y- Joints on UT Candidate:

  • Performing PCN Ultrasonic Inspector, Project B263 & B265 Ocean Shield Jack up Drilling Conversion (B282)
  • Flat tower erection and TKY joints, Turret all structure, gantry erection joints and moon pool structure erection joint Crane Erection High Thick wall TKY joint
  • Side shell bottom plate reaction joints, crane column erection joints ,
  • High thickness plate Lamination Piping joints, process well stream fluid system,  Process Gas system, Injection water system
  • Piping Structure joints in the open deck- node joints
  • Heli Pad construction and Supporting TKY, I-Beam joint inspection
  • Tank partition T joint, I-beam joints
  • Elbow Joint and nozzle connectors
  • Process Piping joints, turret to process system Connecting high thick piping system
  • Carry out Ultrasonic Testing on Various types of Structures, like TKY joints Jack case Spud can, Crane column Cantilever Structure Erection joints.
  • Cary out Leg to Spud can and Leg to Jack case erection leg brazing joints
  • Preparing and Maintaining the NDT reports and equipment.