NDT Jobs Abroad

We at Future NDT prepare the candidates to gain eligibility to get employed in abroad. All services for basic and detailed engineering, procurement, construction and project management are provided by us.We have connections throughout the World. Be assured to get employed abroad. Our connections will come handy to secure a lucrative job abroad. Students who come to us will never return disappointed. So is the case with our clients.ndt-in-refinary-industry-960x610

Many industries located in India and abroad have availed our services and satisfied with it. Ours is the only Institute which has direct links with the companies in India and abroad. We have facilitated many students secure jobs in India and abroad using our well nursed connections. Future NDT is a reliable source to gain suitable skills and land up in a lucrative job either in India or in abroad.

Our certification in NDT is well recognized both nationally and internationally. Our satisfied students who gained jobs in India and abroad after going through our industry friendly courses are testimonials of our success. When they come to us, they are totally ignorant of the NDT. When they complete the course and leave us for good, they are experts in the field of NDT. They gain employable skills in NDT. Jobs from throughout India and abroad land up on their lap. Who will say NO to a well-trained candidate who can be readily employed without any loss of valuable time.

We provide reliable and consistently high quality services to our clients. Job satisfaction is the key word to us and we ensure our clients smile with satisfaction with our services. They seek our services on recurring basis in the field of NDT.
Top companies like M/s Power Mech, M/s IXAR etc. have employed our students. Satisfied with their performance, they keep knocking at our doors for more such candidates. The supply of well trained NDT candidates is lower than the demand. Our training in NDT is flawless.

Future ndt is the right place for material testing. Candidates who seek jobs in abroad in the challenging field of ndt find us the right people to fullfill their dreams.

We recruit quality man power for WELL PAID NDT JOBS IN ABROAD.

For a candidate to get a job in aboutbannerabroad must have dme/b.e(mech)/b.sc. With level ii certified in ut, mt, pt, rt & vt as per asnt recommended practice in the methods with good exposure to ndt of castings, forgings, various types of engineering components, weldments and in-service inspection. Thes skills are necessary to work in abroad . Candidates with certifications in other methods will have added advantage to get placed in ndt company in abroad. Student should have atleast one year relevant experience to get ndt job in abroad. Basic knowledge about computer usage like preparing test reports, documenting the test results, e-mailing the data are absolutely essential to apply for a post in an ndt company.

Job in abroad is a dream for many. Come to us to fulfill that dream. Dreaming big is not wrong. But not gaining required skills to fulfill that dream is certainly wrong. Dreamers can not be achievers unless they are qualified to achieve their dreams. Come and get qualified from our ndt institute and make your dream a reality. Become a student of future ndt and employers will come after you. You can raise your head with confidence. You are a cut above others with our training and certification. Currency may loose its value some day. Your association with future ndt will never loose it value. It enhances your value! As a future ndt student you are a much sought after person in the field of ndt. You will be one of our brand ambassadors in abroad.